South 40 RV Ranch Activities

Below are just a few of the things that we offer here at South 40 RV Ranch to help make your stay the very best it can be!
Our many and varied activities change from month to month and include many special interests of our guests. We welcome suggestions from our residents and try to incorporate guests wishes with other activities.

  • Each month we have old fashioned “pot luck” suppers, ice cream socials, happy hours and other gatherings.
  • The first Saturday of the each month during high season, we have a sausage and pancake breakfast.
  • For special occasions we have dinner/dances featuring live music. For holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, we have a dinner for all the park residents.
  • We also offer bus trips to local casinos, bird watching, and hiking.
  • Occasionally, we have BBQs, line dancing and cook offs.
  • Bob Ross Painting Classes.
  • Visitor run sewing groups to make quilts that meet in our spacious recreation room.


South 40 RV Ranch offers weekly Bingo, Bridge, and a wide variety of card games to be played in the Clubhouse.

Local Restaurants

These area list of some of the restaurants in the immediate vicinity of the RV Ranch.

Crying Onion Cafe ~ 520-531-1330
Cutters Point Coffee ~ 520-229-8823
Luke’s Italian Beef ~ 520-877-7897
Peter Piper Pizza ~ 520-744-1111
El Molinito ~ 520-744-1188
Jade Garden Restaurant ~ 520-744-2817