July 2016 Newsletter


Just a friendly reminder that the clubhouse kitchen is an amenity we love to offer our residents but please do not take or use supplies (cups, plates, food, coffee, etc.) that are purchased for events. Our ability to offer events for low costs depends on our not having to continually replace these items purchased as part of our activity budget.

WE NEED YOU! We have many of you asking to volunteer to help at events and we want to take you up on those offers!!! We will be working hard this upcoming fall to foster an environment that volunteers enjoy work-ing in and feel they are a positive contribution to the overall success of our programs. To aide in organization, we will be posting volunteer needs on the activities board where you can sign up. This will help ensure that there is enough help to cover all aspects of the events.

We are also asking that all events be paid for in advance through the office. You will be provided a ticket to bring with you to the event. This alleviates the distraction of ‘making change’ when we want to focus on serving you.

Also, if you sign up for a dinner or event and find you cannot attend, please let the office know as food is purchased by the number of people who have signed up to attend.

With our recent gusty winds, we are finding many ‘treasures’ from different sites blow-ing around the park. Please stow away items you are not using which will then keep your area clear and clean of your excess belongings which could end up blowin in the wind. If you should have a foreign object in your yard that you know doesn’t belong to you, just let the office know.

It is with tremendous sadness that we need to share the passing of Tammy Page #26. Tammy, along with her sister Lou and her niece, were caught in a bad dust storm over by Amarillo on June 15th on their way home to New York. Tammy’s infectious smile and incredible sense of humor will be missed by everyone in the park. Tammy is one of those people who can truly say ‘she never met a stranger’. The residents of South 40 were her family and she was loved by all.

When you are going to be attending a South 40 function, please sign up on the board or in the office whichever it warrants to alert us to your attending.  We have had a few ‘panic sessions’ when we think 12 are coming as that is the number on the sign-up sheet but then when we open the doors, we have another 10 -15 attending.  We always plan on a few extra for our overnight guests who happen by as we always want them to attend also but we don’t normally add on a huge number.  Also, if you are signed up and realize you won’t be attending after all, please take your name off the sign-up sheet.  Thanks so much for helping us with this matter.  We always want to have enough food/beverages on hand to accommodate all who are in attendance and at the same time, not be wasteful with our purchases by way over buying food items.