December 2016 Newsletter



We have had a few instances at the front desk where we have been asked for different lot sites by visitors who are unbeknownst to us. If you are expecting someone who is unfamiliar to your site location and who may stop in for directions, may we ask that you give the office a call so we know it is okay to send them back to you? We recently had a situation where someone presented themselves as a welcome guest when, in fact, they were not.


When using the washers and dryers here at South 40, please check your machines before you leave to make sure you have taken all your belongings with you as well as double check to make sure the machines are free of grease, dirt and debris. PLEASE, no dying of articles.


There have been some questions brought to the office about the policies of Arizona Propane. To clarify a few items: They deliver to South 40 on Monday mornings. To receive service on Mondays, you need to phone the office by 4pm on Fridays to let them know you need fuel. 520-750-9116. Then place their fluorescent sign in your front window so they can see it as they drive by. Another concern was that some have received a letter from them saying they are charging a $50.00 fee because you haven’t used enough propane during the year. You can avoid this fine by calling their office and ordering a smaller tank.

Just a note to our residents about showing kindness and courtesy to our daily, weekly, and monthly guests. Please keep in mind that these guests are not aware of the South 40 Rules and Regulations as they are just here to enjoy their short time with us. Recently we have had three short-term guests come to the counter in tears as they were reprimanded by annual guests as they moved around the park. Please keep in mind that while you know all the one-ways… and the dog walking areas… and the speed limits. And the number of washers one can use at a time. These guests may not. One evening one of our regular guests even went into the laundry room to ream on someone about the number of washers this guest was using and accused them of not living here. This certainly makes it so the new guests don’t want to return to South 40! So please be kind. If you see a rule being broken. There is ALWAYS a nice way to approach this.


Aspiring bakers from South 40 RV Ranch are invited to participate in the Christmas Cookie Bake-off to compete for the ultimate honor and be crowned COOKIE CHAMPION!!!! Prizes will be awarded to our top three contenders. Whether it is a traditional chocolate chip, your grandma’s secret shortbread, or a remake of a classic like the Oreo, be sure to bring your best talents and most award worthy recipes to the event on Sunday, December 18th at 2:00pm in the Arizona Room. All competitors are asked to bring at least 2 dozen to feed South 40’s luckiest crowd. Participation isn’t limited but you must submit a list of ingredients (not quantities) to the committee, and other than that there are absolutely no rules or restrictions on your creativity. Participants are encouraged to pick a ‘cookie name’ to represent their prize recipes. Make sure to sign up with the office and complete a participation form with your name, space #, and recipe name/ingredients listed (for food allergies). Do not worry, your recipe will remain Top Secret!! Judging will be done by outside independent judges. Following the Cookie Bake-Off, we will all then enjoy these delicious entries along with ice cream. All entries MUST be in the office no later than December 14th at 5:00pm. No exceptions.

We will be having South 40’s FIRST ANNUAL CRAFT FAIR on Saturday, December 10th from 9a to Noon in the Arizona Room. There will be a sign up sheet on the bulletin board for any and all who would like to participate. There will be one table available per person. The office staff will put your name on your designated table. You may begin setting up at 7am. Flyers will be available for you to post at your church or wherever you think it would benefit this fun time.


Anna Springer (#150) is still making her FANTASTIC tamales for the Holidays!! They will be available to order until December 17th. The price is $15.00 per dozen. There is a sign-up sheet on the clubhouse bulletin board. Please list your name, your phone number, and how many dozen you would like to order.

Cleanliness Reminder

The kitchen is open to all to utilize and we encourage it, but recently there was a group of residents who were playing cards; they ordered a pizza and left the dishes for the South 40 staff to wash. Not cool. Please clean up after yourselves. We also would like to remind you again about the trash that is left in the Card Room after an evening of card playing. Again, it isn’t the job of the South 40 Staff to clean this up. Please check for trash and push in your chairs before you leave for the evening. Thanks much for this!


Jack Hough
We are very saddened to receive the news that Jack Hough (#47) passed away on Sunday evening, November 28th. Jack was part of the South 40 Family for many, many years. Jack could be found afternoons and evenings playing Euchre, Mexican Train and Hand and Foot. Jack played such a HUGE part in all of our lives. He will be missed by all. Jack Is pictured here with his daughter, Susan.

Cards may be sent to: Susan Trafton 94 Willow Street #B Rock Springs, WY 82901

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And Kudos to our own Karla
Karla went to a resident’s home to check on her, saw the resident lying on the floor, Karla called 9-1-1 and then began CPR. The medical attendant told Karla that had she not been there when she was, that this resident would not have survived. We are all so very proud of Karla for her incredible strength and calmness in this situation!!!!!!!! WAY TO GO KARLA!!!!


THANK YOU to all who attended our First Annual Health Fair. We had a good turnout and look forward to next year’s event. A lot of wonderful prizes were won by our residents. A few examples were grocery store gift cards, key finder, free member-ship to Sky Med , massages, an awesome trip, cash, juicer, and candy, just to name a few. It was a good time!


Our once-a-year SAUSAGE and BISCUITS Breakfast.—Date TBA
KARAOKE NIGHT —January 14th
CPR CLASS— Two dates: January 14th or January 28th
PETENQUE—Begins January 4th—Sign up on the board as we are putting together teams at this time